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Ensuring the long-term health of your plants, trees and lawn, not only safeguards your considerable investment it keeps your property looking pristine. We offer annual contracts for complete property maintenance or can provide pruning, mowing, raking, fertilizing, mulching and watering as needed. Our team of professionals is constantly reviewing each specific property’s evolving needs and responding efficiently to protect the value and beauty of the landscape.

No matter what outdoor service you need – and this is our unique distinction – Creative Design Landscapes is geared to be comprehensive and convenient which results in a more prudent use of your budget. Here’s how.

Our Total Approach offers all the services you require for complete property care. The need to call seven or more different companies for every individual service such as mowing, organic lawn & tree fertilizing or irrigation is eliminated. What’s more, you will not be dealing with multiple contacts and schedules that would be quite costly.